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Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara -- it promises a "wide-eyed false lash look", and that's pretty much what it delivers. I have the kinds of long eyelashes that bump against my glasses and piss off other people when I complain about it (it's a trade off, goddammit, for all the hair removal I have to do in other areas) so lengthening is not a concern, but my eyes are a little deep-set and this mascara does give me more of a blinky startled mod look. Like the perma Zooey Deschanel ohmigosh eyes, like the next words out of my mouth will be, "Oh no! I got to the baker's market at the community centre late and they sold out of bacon mojito macarons already! I shouldn't have stopped to adjust my infinity scarf and pet that labradoodle who was wearing bee antennae." 

The hourglass brush lengthens your middle lashes, which is more noticeable on the bottom for that swingy glam effect; I only apply to the outer half of my eye, and it does the trick perfectly. I will never be mistaken for Twiggy but at least in the eye department, I also convey that general aura of amazement and hyper attentiveness. The mascara stays on well without being heavy or obtrusive and cleans off easily. Although I find that it can be a wee bit clumpy when you apply it, I still think it's one of the better mascaras I've ever tried, especially for its $5 price tag.

Physicians' Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash -- I picked this up on sale and I was glad I didn't pay full price for it. Not that it was a bad mascara, but it had nothing special to recommend it apart from the smug satisfaction of knowing that you just paid double but you got something totally! organic! and therefore morally superior to all the other tawdry mascaras on the rack.

Truth was, this mascara was really middle of the road. It ran easily as compared to other mascaras, but at least it didn't burn like bleach fumes if you got teary and it went in your eyes. Brushed on smoothly and evenly, but sometimes I felt like I had to put a lot of it on to make any impact because the brush is somewhat anemic and the tiny little wispy anemone bristles couldn't pick up enough product .  You also have to use it up fairly quickly; I'd bought it on a two-for-one deal, and two-thirds through the second tube it started to smell kind of musty and I threw it away.

And lastly, a nitpick just shallow enough to belie any cred I achieved for purchasing organic: the shape of the tube is aggravating and clunky, and the shiny green looks gaudy and cheap. At least have the common decency to have an overly twee 'natural' looking design, mascara, jeez.

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. very deliberately waiting by gloss | the simpsons -- It is awesome not just because it's Manjula and Marge, pitch-perfect and rounded and warm and womanly, but because they're older and there's such a delicate smoke-and-blush feel to all the hard-earned realizations they've come to, the ways they've let themselves settle. I love it so much. I wish all Simpsons fic was like this, EVER. ♥ {no notes}

. make your own kind of music by sunsetmog | beautiful thing -- Jamie and Ste after dancing to Mama Cass, and it's the sort of relationship story where nothing in particular happens and yet you *must* keep reading to see if they turn out okay. {child abuse, homophobia}

. upholding the traditional definition of election by v | macdonald hall -- omg, the Canadiana! The funny and warm dialogue! The zany, oh-so-Macdonald Hall plot! I love it! {no notes}

. days of nineteen by zarahemla | the dark tower -- Compelling and urgent and frozen-in-time all at once, just like the best moments in the books; Eddie and Jake, and everything ends up nineteen no matter which way you turn. {smoking, references to drug addiction and violence}

. sitting by the roadside (ghosts riding shotgun mix) by jae w | gilmore girls -- There's a way to write for this fandom that keeps the fast-paced patter of the show intact without losing any of the emotional punch. And baby, does this story ever pack a punch. {dealing with character death}
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++Content notes are grey-blocked within brackets; highlight to read++

. winter cold | bleach -- unfamiliar with the fandom, but I really enjoy the soft smokey greys and candy-cane reds in this; it reads as so Christmassy to me. {no notes}

. "...and she rules the skies with lunar goodness." | avatar: the last airbender -- grown-up Sokka and oral traditions! Adorable. {no notes}

. last night at the warehouse | inception -- you know what I like best about this? That Eames is the slightly unsure almost demure one, and Arthur's all up in there. Whoot! {smoking}

. with an x on the floor | my chemical romance -- this has that really cute, slightly oldskool, character-design-driven feel to it, like a cartoon by Filmation or Dic. Remember those? I DO. {spider}

. catch me if you can | merlin/bon cop bad cop -- I CAN'T BELIEVE SOMEBODY CROSSED THESE TWO SOURCES!! And in such an adorable way -- I can't stop squeeing! {non-graphic tentacles}

. victor paper dolls™ presents kiss me katniss: the girl on fire | the hunger games -- dear heavens, I LOVE when people use Yuletart time to do stuff like this! So, so innovative, from the concept to the execution. {girl in underwear}

. filling in for the big guy | young justice (comic) -- everything you could want from Tim-Kon-Bart holiday shenanigans; what's not to love? {mild violence, physical restraint}

. the island | slings and arrows -- wow, this reads and looks and tastes like an indie comic -- but one of the entertaining, engaging kind, not the kind that thinks it's better than you! {language}
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. deus ex machina by ishafel | 7th heaven -- Who knew that there could even be good fic for this show? But this slices open the dark dysfunctional underbelly of the Camdens and lets everything slither out. {self-esteem, patriarchy}

. voluspa by cathybites | the 13th warrior -- Writing for this fandom is a strange silver-edge of formality and earthiness, and this story manages to skid along that line with perfection -- cold snow, emotions and responsibilities, and two young men on the brink of everything changing. {no notes}

. a (most dreadfully) involuntary sin by mardia | anne of green gables -- A nice little Diana piece, and how she grows up different from Anne and settles into her own sense of happiness. {body image}

. taste of home by girl_wonder | idlewild -- I am still kind of reeling with how wonderful this story is, for a movie that barely anybody saw but which I kind of fell in love with for all its flash and smooth style and pretty people. This story is about Zora, and hinges on cooking and family and all the things I love reading about best. Zora didn't get a whole lot of screentime in the film, but this fic rectifies that in the most delicious, soft, warm, bittersweet way possible. {self-esteem, patriarchy}

. on one asks about the scars | avatar: the last airbender -- the Toph/Aang of my DREAMS, I am not even kidding you. I never understood Katara/Aang much; to me, Air and Earth belong together, ethereal peaceful centred laughing Aang and tough strong scrappy grounded Toph. They have so much to learn from each other, and in this sweetly melancholy slow gentle story, they do just that. {fallout of genocide, family issues}

. working title by girl_wonder | brick -- Kara FASCINATED me in this movie, and this story demonstrates in whips and snaps just how many pies the girl had her fingers in. {gambling, drugs, manipulation}